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 Roommate - Stand Up Comedy Ft. Anubhav Singh Bassi

Roommate - Stand Up Comedy Ft. Anubhav Singh Bassi

By : Anubhav Singh Bassi
Size : 31.24 MBDownload

About Unfiltered By Samdish ft Anurag Basu Film Director Barfi Ludo Murder Full

For this episode of Unfiltered By Samdish, I spoke at length with Anurag Basu who is known for directing films like Barfi, Ludo, Murder, Life In A Metro and Jagga Jasoos. He opened up about his family and children, how he battled blood cancer, his entry into television and all things cinema! Sit back with some popcorn and a beverage to enjoy this hour-long chat!

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00:00-00:36 - Director Basu fixing the interview set

00:37-01:15 - Anurag Basu's newfound interest in furniture

01:16- 02:39 - The need to make different films

02:40- 04:16 - DOP Basu and his squabbles with another DOP Basu

04:17- 07:51 - Remaking hollywood films unofficially

07:52- 09:37 - Producer Mahesh Bhatt gives feedback

09:38- 20:20 - How he battled cancer along with his family

20:21-23:40 - His kids and how they changed him as a filmmaker

23:41- 28:15 - Growing up in a Bengali household, moving to Bombay

28:16 - 33:27 - His first few gigs

33:28 - 36:24 - On studying cinema formally, becoming Director Basu

36:25 - 38:05 - Why he is jealous of Rajkumar Hirani & Anubhav Sinha

38:06 - 40:07- Finding your voice and keeping art above the director

40:08 - 41:09 - Seventh Seal, Ludo and Humble Basu

41:10- 43:32 - State of ADs in the industry and some advice

43:33- 44:42 - The love of cinema found among the South Indian audience

44:43- 46:17 - Lack of open-mindedness in the Hindi film audience

46:18- 48:59 - The boom of television and going back to 70s cinema

49:00- 49:30 - Will he ever make a mass entertainer?

49:31 - 51:45 - Making television with Ekta Kapoor, being a versatile director

51:46 - 52:43 - Some introspection

52:44 - 53:59 - Losing his chappals at the Bachchans'

54:00 - 54:38- Why they choose him to direct advertisements

54:39 - 56:32- One thing he does not like about the industry

56:33 - 58:24 - Nationalism and the current times we live in

58:25 - 1:01:51 - Ho gaya khatam interview, channel ko subscribe karlo!

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