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Mariah Carey - Breakdown (Lyrics)

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Break, break down, steady breakin' me on down

You called yesterday to basically say
That you care for me but that you're just not in love
Immediately I pretended to be feeling similarly
And led you to believe I was O.K.
To just walk away from the one thing
That's unyielding and sacred to me

Well I guess I'm trying to be nonchalant about it
And I'm going to extremes to prove I'm fine without you
But in reality I'm slowly losing my my mind
Underneath the guise of a smile gradually I'm dying inside
Friends ask me how I feel and I lie convincingly
'Cause I don't want to reveal the fact that I'm suffering
So I wear my disguise 'til I go home at night
And turn down all the lights and then break down and cry

Yeah, c'mon
Yeah, c'mon, c'mon
Break break down
Gotta get control
Roll roll roll along
Steady breakin' me on down
Roll roll roll along
Break break down
Gotta get control
Roll roll roll along
Steady breakin' me on down
Roll roll along

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