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 R.I.P Helen McCrory🥺🕊️

R.I.P Helen McCrory🥺🕊️

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About Mourning Helen McCrory How The World Reacted To Her Sudden Passing OSSA

Renowned stage and film actress Helen McCrory passed away after a battle with cancer. In a statement released to the public, her husband (actor Damian Lewis) shared that Helen passed away at home, surrounded by her loved ones.

While she is well known for her roles of Aunt Polly in Peaky Blinders and Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter series (and particularly the Deathly Hallows), she’s actually got an incredibly impressive resume, having appeared in films like James Bond Skyfall, His Dark Materials, as well as a host of Broadway titles.

In this video, we are remembering Helen McCrory by taking a look at the amazing impact she had. That’s right, we will be talking about celebs react to Helen McCrory news, and especially her Peaky Blinders cast, led by Cillian Murphy. For all the best and most heartfelt reactions to the actresses passing, this is the place to be. So grab some tissues and enjoy this OSSAm video.

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