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 PEM KEKULA 🔥  #shorts

PEM KEKULA 🔥 #shorts

By : Lochi
Size : 890.63 kBDownload

About DJ Mass - Pem Kekula Ft Apzi Romaine Willis

DJ Mass - Pem Kekula (පෙම් කැකුළ) Ft. Apzi & Romaine Willis [Official Music Video] is OUT NOW..!!
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Special thanks to:
+ Mr. Sunil Samarakoon & The Ananda Samarakoon Foundation
+ Kate Grinberg
+ Waznie Neaz
+ Subandrio Sinhawansa
+ Ishan Mutaliph
+ Sandeep Amila
+ Yazmin Yousuf

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Pem Kekula : The Single
Sri Lanka’s biggest throwback 2021-fied is here, and it’s the all new collaboration between DJ
Mass, Apzi & Romaine Willis. The single packs in a killer rap by female powerhouse Apzi, with
Romaine Willis re-creating those nostalgic lines from the iconic movie song ‘Pem Kekula Pipi’
(by the late Mr. Ananda Samarakoon), and Dj Mass bringing in the heat with an epic production
that is unique to him.

🎹Produced by - DJ Mass (Mass Ramli)
✍️Written By - Late Great Mr. Ananda Samarakoon
✍️ Rap Verse - (Apzi) Apsara Seneviratne
🎤Vocals - Romaine Willis & Apzi
🎛️Mixed & Master By - DJ Mass (Mass Ramli)
📽️Music Video - W Productions & BlackFox Productions
👯 Dance Choreography - Sandarangi Perera (Vibe Dance Academy)
🔰 Record label - Senter Records
🎵Support DJ Mass
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⚡Dance Performance by:
Dinali Dharmadasa, Maneesha Sandarage, Sahani Wijekoon, Julia Fernando, Thisuri Kariyawasam, Sasuni Hewamallika, Sinali Sankalya, Mindi Karunaratna

⚡Video Directed by:
Sandeep Amila, Subandrio Sinhawansa, Waznie Neaz, Mass Ramli

⚡Video Production & Edited by:
W Production, Waznie Neaz, Sandeep Amila, Subandrio Sinhawansa

⚡Audio & Vocal Mix by:
Mass Ramli, Subandrio Sinhawansa, Shez Kroger, Adheesha Beats, Jizzy, Shylow, Mechanic

⚡Venue: Grandeeza Hotel Negombo

⚡MV Production Support:
Ishan, Tharaka, Shylow, Amaan, Manuka, Abhiman, Mechanic.

⚡Hair & Makeup:
Shanee Alles, Manju Alles, Pepe Sanjeewa, Liora thusha

Senter Records
W Production
Back Fox
Lion Tribe
Entertainment ID
Vibe Dance Academy
Sri Nation
Vinyl Cafe
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