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Timaya Old Album

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 Best of Timaya Non-Stop Afrobeats Mix

Best of Timaya Non-Stop Afrobeats Mix

By : DJ Harry Handsome
Size : 22.73 MBDownload
 Timaya This is my Story

Timaya This is my Story

By : NiajaSounds
Size : 6.11 MBDownload
 Timaya - Thank You

Timaya - Thank You

By : BlackBody Entertainment
Size : 4.76 MBDownload
 Timaya - Sanko (Official Video)

Timaya - Sanko (Official Video)

By : OfficialTimaya
Size : 4.69 MBDownload

About Dem Mama - Timaya Timaya

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A song inspired by the sad occurence in Udi, the Oil rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria in 1999 .
Timaya goes the extra length in presenting us with this video.
Composed by Timaya

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