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 Keith Frank - Plaisance Zydeco Festival 1995

Keith Frank - Plaisance Zydeco Festival 1995

By : Robert Willey
Size : 26.5 MBDownload
 Cupid -Country Girl (Zydeco)

Cupid -Country Girl (Zydeco)

By : Cupid
Size : 6.48 MBDownload
 Buckwheat Zydeco  Iko Iko

Buckwheat Zydeco Iko Iko

By : domon@guitar
Size : 4.81 MBDownload
 Zydeco Gumby Ya Ya

Zydeco Gumby Ya Ya

By : telegramsam2000
Size : 3.3 MBDownload
 Chris Ardoin Curtain Drop 3 (Zydeco)

Chris Ardoin Curtain Drop 3 (Zydeco)

By : ChrisArdoinTv
Size : 11.6 MBDownload

About Zydeco a Pas Sale Jeffery Broussard the Creole Cowboys

The Institute of Musical Traditions (IMT) is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that depends on donations from listeners and viewers like you! You can support at or learn more at!

"Zydeco a Pas Sale" performed by Jeffery Broussard & the Creole Cowboys ( ) in concert at the Institute of Musical Traditions (, Rockville, Maryland, USA on May 21, 2012.

Jeffery Broussard & The Creole Cowboys features the accordion mastery and soulful vocals of front man Jeffery Broussard, from the legendary band, Zydeco Force. The band delivers great, pack-the-floor renditions of Creole classics as well as their own brand of contemporary Zydeco.

Whether he is playing a festival stage in front of thousands of dancers, a small theater of seated patrons, giving an interview, teaching a lesson or playing at a trailride, his warmth, love of the music, and talent shine. Jeffery Broussard is well, the real deal. Dedicated to preserving and promoting the Creole culture and traditional Zydeco music, Jeffery plays with passion and commitment to carry on his daddy's legacy.

Sound: Art Isaacs, Dave Richardson, Dave Eisner, Stuart Barkley

Camera: Dick Tufts, Emily Whiting, Ralph Lillie

Editing: Ralph Lillie

© 2012, Institute of Musical Traditions

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